Update Record

v6.5.22 update instructions


  • Fixed when recover the historical record or document recovery's PCB, the copper area rebuild issue
  • Fixed the parts hide the prefix and name, after showing, the name and prefix position changes issue
  • Fixed the panelized the fucial mark siez incorrect at Gerber issue

v6.5.19 update instructions


  • Fixed drill file "Drill_PTH_Through_Via.DRL" comment incorrect issue
  • Fixed the problem that Gerber outputs abnormal data on the oval pad

v6.5.17 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem of the progress bar of the client exporting pdf single page card
  • Fixed the problem that the edit button of the package in the package manager will be offset by the client
  • Added the specification extraction wizard function at the top of the symbol library. (Continuously improving). Entry: New Symbol - Tools - Datasheet Extract Wizard
  • Fixed the issue that the refresh editor did not get the latest personal preferences in the cloud
  • Modified the mechanical layer Gerber file suffix to GME
  • Export Gerber split independent via drill file "Drill_PTH_Through_Via.DRL"
  • Fixed the problem that the right-click on the circular pad generates the wrong shape of the solid fill according to the outline
  • Support mouse movement to highlight nets on pads
  • Adjust import AD schematic library logic, show hidden pins by default
  • Fixed the problem that the exported BOM had attributes that were not merged normally
  • Fixed the problem that the shortcut key "- =" was wrongly written as "- +"

v6.5.14 update instructions


  • Fixed desktop client project offline mode, the one of pages export PDF failed issue
  • Fixed the update components failed at Design menu issue

v6.5.14 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem that the footprint pads may be missing when the footprint is updated from the library by right-clicking
  • Fixed the problem that the netport name did not automatically correct the alignment after entering the text after the rotation direction, and the alignment could not be corrected manually
  • Fix the problem that the editor is stuck when opening a window with a large number of vias
  • Optimized copper area to remove vias in batches, support removal based on via parameters
  • Changed sawtooth of function generator to triangular

v6.5.12 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem of non-connection flag causing error
  • PDF export supports select all and no select all
  • The component library dialog supports direct placement of components when at LCSC Electronic engine and no longer previews the library
  • Fixed the problem that an error was reported when extracting components with sub-libraries when importing into AD
  • Fixed the issue that some pads in exported Gerber could not be recognized as pads by the third CAM tool

v6.5.9 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem of exporting PDF error for some documents
  • Support prompt detection of ratlines and DRC when placing an order with one click
  • Fixed the problem that the exported PDF logo was deformed

v6.5.8 update instructions


  • Support to detect whether the board has a frame before placing an order for the PCB
  • Changed the schematic drawing logo to Jiali Chuang EDA
  • Drawing size supports A5
  • The bottom details of DRC detection of unconnected network support to display the ratline list of all networks
  • Right-click on the project name to add a pop-up window for migrating to the professional edition
  • Hide non-connec flags and pin and ungroup/group as symbol features in emulation mode
  • Import autorouting session file support compatible with FreeRouting1.6
  • Fixed the problem of dragging and rotating when the solder mask of rectangular pad and polygon pad is expanded to a large negative number
  • Fixed the problem that when there is an internal plane layer, the hidden bit number will be stuck in the object tool
  • Remove the manufacturer part number of the common library HDR-M-2.54_1x6
  • Fixed the problem that the small star is not saved every time the document is opened when applying a custom theme
  • Fixed an issue where solid region were lost when reopening after importing certain Altium PCB saves

v6.5.5 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem that the duplicate designator was not detected when the subpart U1.1 and the non-subpart U1 were the same
  • Updated translation, added Arabiclanguage
  • Fixed an issue where some polygonal pads had abnormally sharp flux extensions
  • Fixed an issue where purple blocks style would appear on the desktop client side

v6.5.4 update instructions


  • Check PCB save or not before order PCB
  • Added a login button to the login failure prompt popup
  • Add Try Pro Edition entry at start page
  • Support ignoring spaces in the names of netlabel
  • The Design Manager support to list free netlabel
  • The footprint list of footprint manager support to display a edit button
  • Fix the problem that the copied picture of the simulated instrument is not displayed completely
  • Fix the problem that the 0-tick mark and waveform graph of the oscilloscope are offset
  • Fix the problem that some scene opening file error will cause the schematic diagram to open the canvas to be empty
  • Fix the pin number of the common library 2N2907 for simulation
  • Fix the problem of missing pads in some EasyEDA files while extract libraries

What's new in v6.5.3



  • Add four spice symbol(DEMUX12EE, HALFADDEE, FULLADDEE, MUX21EE) at commonly library
  • DRC checking support check incompleted connection
  • Fix the "Send to Back" feature failed issue
  • Library list support list the creator at hovertitle
  • Import Altium PCB board outline change: board shape import to document layer, keepout import to board outline layer
  • Open EasyEDA json files support to fill the file name to save dialog
  • Import other EDA files support to popup tips dialog

Desktop client not ready yet

What's new in v6.5.1



  • Plane zone property panel add a rebuild button
  • Support to change the prefix when it is dupliacted at schematic
  • Set pad's solder mask expansion as 2mil
  • Fix the part single layer pad change to multiple layer will appear new pad after dragged issue
  • Fix desktop client hasn't login the unopened schematic components unique ID cannot be reset issue
  • Fix right-click part and update from library will change unique ID issue
  • Fix inner plane layer very slow issue
  • Fix some Altium importing issue
  • Optimize the problem that the K key fits the screen with a large border
  • Fix the problem that the length of real time track length is not displayed correctly when drawing continues.
  • Fix the problem that the center of the circle does not produce adsorption
  • Fix the problem that dragging a track will automatically adsorb to the center of the pad even after closing the adsorption
  • Fix the problem of invalid width setting of PCB text right-click property pop-up window
  • Fix the problem that the DRC error is reported after the inner electric layer is hollowed out with solid filling and the hole is released
  • Update multilingual translation, add Thai language
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